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About Us

Our Mission and initiatives

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Québec, with the support and commitment of its donors, volunteers and employees, is dedicated to the advancement of research and the promotion of heart health in order to reduce disabilities and the number of deaths attributed to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Since 1955, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Québec gave more than 83 million dollars to the financing of research on cardiovascular disease and stroke. The Foundation, who does not receive any core operational funding from government sources, is the leading funder of heart and stroke research.

It ensures the maintenance and the development of fundamental and crucial research on new therapeutic approaches for one of the most devastating health problem of our time.

With this support, the Québec researchers significantly contributed to many achievements in heart health research. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Québec will allocate, in 2003-2004, about 3,3 million dollars to more than 130 researchers in about 30 great institutions, hospital and universities of Quebec.

Health promotion

We give great importance to health promotion. Our participation in conferences, our training programs intended for health professionals, the creation of working groups gathering these professionals, our brochures and information activities for the general public are some of the many ways to modify the behaviour of the population regarding heart health.


We are the only heart health organization actively involved in both research and prevention throughout Québec. Present in all the regions, the Foundation develops activities of fundraising and awareness programs. All our activities, small and large, are essential because they enable us to diffuse information on heart health and encourage participants to support research and our awareness initiatives by donating to the Foundation.

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